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#30Thursday: Four, Four, Gimme S’more!

September 23, 2010

Phew. What a week, and it’s not over yet! I’m really excited about something regarding this project – people are recommending OTHER peoples’ blogs more than their own. These are the kinds of things that give me faith in both humanity and Social Media – in that order. I hope you enjoy these posts. Don’t forget to congratulate the authors, and don’t forget – as soon as you see this post, it’s time to send me new ones for next week!

1. Great post on proofreading by Bob James (The Mighty Copywriter). The graphic he uses is hilarious!

2. @DWesterberg notes that good marketing is memorable, valuable, and frequent! Recommended by @kseniacoffman

3. My friend @jeffthesensei warns that the “man behind the curtain”may not necessarily be a wiz

4. New publisher Sterling Hope finds that the Clinton Global Initiative’s goal of expanding impact resonates (from @AmberCleveland, authored by @KayWhitaker)

5. A truly beautiful post by my new friend @cristianisdaman – about the day his own Superman gave him a call

6. My stunning friend Lisa @ellisvalincom) explains why she is a marketing stylist

7. @Michael_Evanko recommended this smart article about Empowerment from the Harvard Business Review

8. My friend @FutureJennD recommended this post about an atypical day at the fair, by @framericandream. Be ready to hold your breath!

9. @FutureJennD also wrote a post her own self! A great post about the complexities of a blended family.

10. My friend @KnowledgeBishop took his blogging skills on the road. He waxes poetical on the Subtleties of Success at the Get Your Leadership Big On Blog

11. @Tommyismyname warns you that your profile information can be used against you. Watch out!

12. I loved this post by @LisaPetrilli. Maybe sometimes the best leaders are those willing to be vulnerable. Brilliant.

13. There’s a lot of buzz about how awesome @LaurenKGray is. One of the reasons is that she is always out there helping people, like in this post about her favorite chats

14. My friend @fredMcClimans has important observations about and other link tracking through Twitter. Privacy concern post #2 on this week’s list!

15. Whenever @IanMRountree attends a #blogchat, he writes up some of the best “meeting notes” out there. I wanted to give you an example of one of Ian’s Blogchat round-ups

16. My friend Stan @PushingSocial tackled the question “How often should I post?” a little while ago. It’s a great argument. What do you think?

17. @MissusP (Christine Perkett) is one sharp thinker. I loved her post on how Social Media is affecting PR firms. Check it out!

18. @SueYoungMedia offers a fun quiz for PR Pros. Pretty fun, funny, and thought provoking!

19. The brilliant @SuzanneVara ponders if school bus advertising is going too far

20. @Salamicat ponders food, glorious food. Don’t read if you’re already hungry!

21. The first post to make me tear up. @naomidunford’s guest post on problogger about not giving up is sad, inspiring, and beautiful. Read it!

22. Your weekly @JayBaer dose – Jay looked at the 25 most popular blog posts on his blog. Then he blogged about how that exercise can help you blog better.

23. Another mind-bending post from @julien. Happiness, what to do, what not to might be surprised at what you learn.

24. I loved this post by the super awesome @MayaREGuru. Why do you use Twitter? Not as existential as you might think :)

25. @BillBoorman always is offering advice, whether during #blogchat or many other chats in which he partakes. On this day, Bill spoke with images instead – The 2 things you need for Social Media. Well “said,” Bill! And the right order, too :)

26. @pprothe is one of my favorite co-IMCChatters on Wednesday nights. I really enjoyed his post on how to connect with 8-year-old girls if you’re not Justin Bieber. Plus there’s a really good lesson to learn! :)

27. Read this post by @AmberCadabra if only because she uses the word kerfuffle! A post about opinions, the freedom of, and PriceChopper.

28. My brilliant friend Debra Ellis (@wilsonellis) wrote a great post on the 8 people your company will meet on Social Media sites. Invest your time wisely.

29. This is a really interesting post regarding what kind of language to use in your blog – and why. By @ctmarcom

30. I’ve already put this wisdom to use this week, so I guess I’ll round things off with my favorite Chris Brogan post of the week…are you asking the right questions? You just might be surprised at how a subtle change can alter your outlook.

20 Comments leave one →
  1. September 23, 2010 6:04 am

    Thanks so much for including me in the list, Marjorie. Your blog is tops!

  2. September 23, 2010 7:03 am

    Thanks Margie! It is so wonderful that you do this, especially for me who wants to find new and great blogs and has it toward the top of my wish list but never gets time. I really appreciate you taking the time you do to aggregate such a wonderful list of posts each week.
    And I am quite shocked to be included in it – so thanks again that was very generous of you.
    You’re awesome! :)

    • September 23, 2010 5:56 pm

      Thanks, Maya.

      You shouldn’t be shocked. You write great stuff. And you help plenty of other people, so, think of it as Karma :)

  3. September 23, 2010 8:32 am

    Thank you, Marjorie. I’m honored to be included in your list.

  4. September 23, 2010 12:13 pm

    Marjorie, thanks so much for including me. If I can be related to restoring anyone’s faith in humanity I am pumped! Social media’s not so bad, either. :)

    Seriously, this is a great list! We put together a few recommendations every Friday on our own blog as well but wow – this list is thorough! I love what you’re doing and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you a bit better each week through the multiple Twitter chats we’ve both been frequenting. Connecting with smart people like you makes me feel like I have secret advantage.

    Thank you again – great stuff.

    Christine Perkett

    • September 23, 2010 5:55 pm

      Yeah, restoring faith in humanity is a hobby of mine :)

      Thank you very much…glad you liked it! I loved your post :)

  5. September 23, 2010 1:11 pm

    Thank you for featuring me!! I truly appreciate it :]

  6. September 23, 2010 6:26 pm

    Thanks for recommending my blog. I love that you do this. It helps us all find more interesting things to read.

  7. September 23, 2010 6:34 pm

    Hi Marjorie,

    It really means a lot to me that you’ve chosen to include me – and that you’ve done so two weeks in a row. :) I’m honored to have you as a reader and am so glad we connected via #blogchat! All the very best,


    • September 23, 2010 6:49 pm

      Not a problem. I have a world of respect for what you do so it is nothing but a pleasure to shine the light of my little blog on your work :)

      Glad to know you as well!

  8. September 23, 2010 7:26 pm

    Wow, we are among incredible company being a part of this list. I wish I could take the credit for the post, but it was my brilliant Business Partner @KayWhitaker who was responsible for “Clinton Global Initiative‚Äôs goal of expanding impact resonates.” Thanks for including us and being such a great Connector and Thought Leader! Now off to read the others on the list.

    • September 23, 2010 7:44 pm

      Oh, I was giving you credit for sending it along…i’ll put Kay’s name in there as the author though.

      Nice little line you worked in there. I will find a way to get you back for that :) heehe!

  9. September 23, 2010 8:11 pm

    Marjorie – thanks for adding me to this very cool list. It means a lot. And thanks too for your thoughts on my post about those 8 yr. olds! I have to say, you make me laugh on Wednesdays – love your sense of humor and candor.

  10. September 24, 2010 5:26 am


    Thank you thank you for including the school bus advertising article. My hometown is in NJ as we know as your strong ties to Akron I will admit did help to push that post along. My son is exposed to billboards here (though not often) that make me cringe when we have to go down by the strip for an airport run or an event. As a parent, an x to the area and also a marketer it was not an easy article to write as I am so torn with no real opinion (imagine). However it was something that I thought as someone born and raised there with family and a ton of friends there I thought was an important topic and really I thank you for including it here. I guess inherently we are ad gals.

    Love this weekly post Btw as I get exposed to so many new blogs and articles that I miss. Thank you for doing this!

  11. September 25, 2010 11:51 am

    I finally got an opportunity to read a good chunk of these posts-great stuff!

    Thanks for also including my blog post on my Superman giving me a ring, and how social media helped make that happen. It was a really special moment in my life.

    Looking forward to the next #30Thursday!

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